Re-Spawn – 63/365

I knew these days would come, and I have been really close in the past; today I was really stuck for ideas as to what to take my picture of!

Holly almost came to the rescue, with some pictures of rainbows she’d taken with Izzy on their way home. However, as lovely as the sentiment was, that would have been cheating wouldn’t it?

Driving home the setting sun looked amazing, because a storm was drawing in and the contrast between big bright full sun and really dark moody clouds looked amazing. Holly saw it too, and thought the same!

It’s really nice she’s so invested in my adventure, it’s a big drain on both our time to be fair, and I really appreciate her support. As I write this now she’s waiting for me to finish before we settle down and watch a bit of telly.

Eventually, I decided to head out into the garden, in the pitch black, and try and photograph something small and detailed, with artificial light and lots of shadows, but none ruining the frame. Shadows at night when using artificial light is something I struggle with.

I soon found myself peering into the garden pond.

This gave me a really interesting mini landscape, with lots going on to photograph.

Mostly bright green duck weed, sat atop dark green water, peppered with the odd leaf, rocks, twigs, and some other aquatic plants, it all looked remarkably interesting in the darkness.

The water and intimacy of the scene gave me a really nice challenge. How could I capture the details above, and below the water in the mega low light conditions without ruining it with shadows cast by the artificial lighting.

The image above, though admittedly really boring, is where I spent a lot of time repositioning my light, camera angle and settings.

It’s just a patch of lichen on the patio, but honestly I learnt so much about lighting taking this picture it was amazing! If anything, I’ve captured too much detail, too much texture, but I totally avoided any glare or nasty shadows, and on a personal development level I am really proud of it.

With my newly honed skills, I was able to get much better detail below the surface.

Then I noticed something really surprising, frog spawn! Again on the shot below, I’ve captured detail of the frog spawn, and the holly leaf – this was both pleasing on a technical level, and unsettling on an emotional one. Holly leaves and frog spawn should never be in the same picture, should they? This is another sign of the seasons merging, I feel.

Learnings – absolutely loads about artificial lighting, and how to light a scene. No doubt I’ve made some obvious errors in photography terms, however I wanted to achieve something, and I did.

Interestingly for me, light positioning was totally at odds to how I expedited it to be, when at its best. This is no doubt why I’ve struggled with shadows in the past, and I am really pleased I’ve learnt more about lighting.

Not only that, but I honestly thought today’s picture was going to be a wash out, and however as aesthetically pleasing or not today’s picture maybe, what I’ve learnt tonight has been super valuable to me; and I am pleased.

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