All Seasons – 75/365

Just as we were getting ready to head off out to a birthday party – Happy Birthday Kate, we had a great time, and the girls absolutely loved it! – the sun really caught my eye shining through a gap in the distant trees, just dipping down between two houses.

It was pure luck, just fortunate timing and there was no question I was going to try and make a picture from it.

The rain was also pouring down, it had been pretty much all day. However to me that just added to the scene.

I didn’t go out side to try and capture the moment, instead I took several shots through the glass. Some with the rain in focus, some with it blurred out, some with the camera pressed to the glass some with it held at a distance from it. All to see what different effects and “feels” I could get.

I really like the shots with the focus on the background, forcing the rain into a bokeh type effect lit by the suns rays, and I also like the ones with the droplets of rain in sharp focus.

Overall though, focusing on the rain looked cool for a few seconds, but I find it too busy to enjoy for any length of time, it’s a bit too much for my taste.

That’s the beauty of all forms of imagery though I feel, it’s not everything to everyone, but sometimes it’s magic to someone.

The Moment didn’t last long, and I’m thankful I didn’t hesitate in capturing it.

Learnings – not so much a learning as an observation I guess, but I think I’m training my eye, tuning it in if you like, to interesting scenes. I’m starting to see things now that really grab me tightly, and yell at me to take a picture of them.

It’s happening more and more – something has definitely changed my perception of the world around me.

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