Up On The Roof – 74/365

I’ve had an idea for a while now about going up on the roof and taking a picture up high, from an unusual vantage point.

So tonight when I arrived home, before I went in doors I climbed up the fence and took a shot. I didn’t go onto the roof as planned, just dangled off the edge.

Ironically, far from it being an unusual vantage point or view, my eye was drawn to good old “mr lamppost”, something I’ve photographed a few times before, so nothing new there!

I clambered down and went inside, a little dejected. However after I’d been mobbed by Izzy three times (and took more pictures of the moment at her request – see the coming home post, it’ll make sense) I got changed, grabbed my trusty light and went back to try again.

This time I was more determined. I turned the heating on high so the boiler gave off more steam from the chimney, I had my light, I pulled a wheelie bin around to help me climb up at different points around the roof and I had my hoodie on, all the gear you need for climbing on a roof at night, I assume…..

The steam against the surprisingly colourful sky created some interesting patterns.

By now it was dark, and my light was the only local source of illumination. That made it tough to balance, tip toed on the wheelie bin, leaning out over the roof with a camera in one hand and trying different lighting angels with my light in the other.

Still, I got some pictures, so mission accomplished. They’re not the best I’ve done, but the steam formed some interesting patterns, and I think in summer when there is that classic evening glow, or indeed in winter when the cold creates it’s own cozy brightness, this might make for a good scene.

I’ll try again, but for now it was another nice little adventure. I’m glad we live in a bungalow too, because as I got down I fell off the wheelie bin and crashed into the neighbours fence. Thankfully, unhurt…..

It’s all good fun hey!

Learnings – I’m not as young as I used to be, but I am probably just as wild.

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