Bubble Monster – 78/365

After a couple of days away, it’s the simple things that you notice – like two little monsters devouring bubbles.

After traveling a lot the last two days, my mind was a little frazzled and I was short of ideas for today’s photograph.

I was just putting my coat on to go out and see what I could see this evening, when Holly suggested I take a pic of the girls in the bath.

It’s not something I’ve thought of before really, because it’s their little private time; though it’s more like feeding time at the sea lion enclosure than a relaxing bath time thing!

However, it is a nice idea and I thought I’d take a pic of them looking out over the edge of the bath top.

Kids bubble bath must taste nice, because they are always eating it…..

Or making “bubble beards”, it is a wonderful world they live in!

Learnings – the lighting in the bathroom is surprisingly rubbish, though I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the expanse of blank coloured tiling, and ceiling flattening the light. I’m not sure, but either way it was only the two little bubble monsters faces the lit the room up.

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