Equinox – 79/365

It’s been a strange winter, at one point it threatened to grip us for a long haul classic cold spell, then the next it was like summer. I’ve mentioned my unease with this before, and that feeling is still there, however, todays weather events did settle me somewhat on that score.

Today, was the “official” start of spring, the 20th March – and it really did feel spring like today. That’s a comforting feeling, it feels right.

When I got home tonight I was only in for a brief time, before heading off out again for a farewell drink with a colleague who I have fought alongside through many “battles”, over a number of years.

Terry, enjoy the next chapter in your life, you’ve been a great colleague and indeed friend, and I wish you all the very best!

For that brief time I was at home, the new spring sun was enormously springy, or to be more grammatically correct (and boring), it felt like a spring sun.

It was casting a warm glowing light across the front of our house, and once I’d said hello to everyone indoors, I headed straight back outside to try and capture that spring vibe somehow.

It didn’t take long to find this close to blooming flower head. I would imagine tomorrow it’ll be fully open, but for now it really encapsulated everything cool about spring.

It’s new, fresh life coming to the fore of everything. It’s exiting, it’s innocent, it’s warm and cozy, it brings promise with it, and I really enjoy spring for all those reasons.

On my way back inside, the low sun cast my shadow so clearly against a wooden gate on the side of our house, that it looked like a burnt in silhouette of me. So I gave my shadow a wave, and unbelievably, it waved back!!

Finally, I couldn’t go through this post without giving the moon and honourable mention – you could easily be forgiven for thinking that the image above was of the sun, but I took the shot when I arrived home at about 10pm this evening. It is most definitely a huge, full, spring moon.

Learnings – instinct served me well today, and I just knew I’d get a nice shot in the spring sunshine, the moment I felt it on my back. So maybe today’s learning is that you don’t always need your eyes to guide you to your next photograph, there are other senses that you can take note of.

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