Formal – 86/365

Today was a long day, we started at 8am with a full morning of presentations and workshops till 1pm, when we broke for lunch. Which was super nice I have to say, taken outside in the warm Spanish sun.

Some more presentations and conference stuff took us up to 4pm, when we were all handed colour coded t-shirts in preparation for the days team building activity.

Again, we didn’t know what it was, but we were all led off into another room that was filled with, well just stuff really!

Turns out we were going to make a chain reaction machine! Interestingly we were all getting quite competitive in our separate teams before the start, but we soon learned that synergies between the teams would be crucial if we were going to succeed.

I won’t go into too much detail, in case you ever do this type of event – but trust me, it was team building, engaging and a load of fun.

7pm rolled round as the activity finished and it was time to get changed ready for the formal dinner. Again we didn’t know where we were going, but we knew it was a short ten minute walk away from the conference hotel. To be honest I was glad of that, because it was nice to just stroll through the streets of Malaga for a change rather than be in a conference room trying to soak up as much as my brain could cope with.

I think the “parade” of suits and evening dresses raised a few eye brows, as 70 of us ambled through the streets, blindly following the leader.

Some of the architecture we walked past was amazing, and had there been more time I certainly would have taken more photographs of it.

Like all city streets at night, the culture was oozing out of every corner. The smells from the eateries was simply amazing, I could happily have eaten at any of them.

Learnings – it’s been a real challenge keeping the posts going over the past two days, and for the second time in this journey I have had to send the post “live” before all the words were complete. Apologies for that. Still, I got the photograph and I still haven’t missed a day, and I’m proud of that achievement.

It sounds easy, just take a picture every day! I guess on some levels it is, but I’m really trying to push myself on this and take a meaning full photograph every day, something with some story attached to it. That is proving to be a more challenging prospect, and I enjoy it all the more for that.

Today’s photograph just really encapsulated the day for me, a big line of very formally dressed people, walking down the street lit either side by the street lights and the beautifully curved buildings. The symmetry isn’t quite right, and again this was a quick off the cuff snap, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much, just learn from it and take it with me into the next photograph.

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