Hola – 85/365

Super quick post today, it’s 18:38 and I need to be changed and in reception for the next “activity” by 19:00. I’d love to tell you what it is, but all I know for sure is that I’m on the pink team!

Anyway, I’m in Malaga for a conference with work, and we’ve just come to the end of day one. I haven’t had much time to explore due to the jam packed agenda, however I have already found a really cool bridge, that crosses a flood channel / storm drain thing – can’t quite remember the correct name sorry – that’s also doubling up as a skate park.

I went for a closer look, and some of the graffiti is amazing!

I should have taken this shot 90 degrees to the left, will try and get a better angle on it tomorrow.

I really love the artwork on today’s picture, though some of the less artistic work gets in the way, it does add some charm and “society” to it.

Seems Willy’s are a common theme amongst some “artists”……

Learnings – the angle on the snake woman should have been more to the left, so she has something to look into, I’ll try again for a better shot.

Anyway, I’m off to join Team Pink…..

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