Found Underground – 84/365

Today’s picture is of something I spotted on Saturday during the girls bike ride, and I’m beginning to understand that a big part of photography is simply having your eyes wide open, all the time.

I spotted this very unassuming, low slung bridge, just out of the corner of my eye when we were about halfway round the bike ride route.

I’d never seen it before, and didn’t even know it was there, but the bland railings twisting down out of view looked interesting, so I went and had a look.

Sure enough, what I found was a very urban looking tunnel under the road, definitely my kind of thing, and definitely something I would return to photograph.

Tonight I was a little pushed for time, as Holly was out at Zumba this evening, whatever that is, so I quickly took some shots of the entrance I saw two days earlier.

Including its wall art.

Then I walked through the tunnel, out into the open air, and through the second tunnel to the other side.

I’m not sure what was beyond the second tunnel, I didn’t have time to explore, but maybe I’ll go back one day and see.

Apologies to younger readers for some of the artworks on the walls…….

I really like this shot below, and very nearly chose it for today’s main picture, however although I found it interesting, it is kind of bland and I wasn’t sure how interesting other people would find it.

In fact, I really like all the pictures today, and I had a real hard time choosing which one would be today’s photograph. In the end I chose the one I thought held the most interest for viewers, though it’s not actually my personal favourite.

I’m not sure yet if that’s a mistake, I do really believe that art of any form should come from the heart and you should be fully committed to it; from within yourself.

*** I changed my choice as I wrote these words, it made me reflect and in the end, I did go with my heart! The picture below was my original “crowd pleaser”. The header picture is my personal favourite, the one I felt most connected to.***

Learnings – keep your eyes open, and go with your heart. Photography and Art is a very personal thing, so do what comes naturally.

Very powerful lessons today, no doubt about it.

P.S. eyes still wide open as I arrived home, and I grabbed another shot of freshly cut grass (after my fail yesterday on “first Cut“). I think this works much better; and another lesson in never giving up.

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