First Cut – 83/365

When I got back from swimming with the girls this afternoon, Holly had just finished cutting the grass on the front lawn.

In my opinion nothing quite compares to the scent of freshly cut grass. It instantly brings all the feelings of summer with it, rushing up your nose and into your head.

I thought it would be good to make today’s photograph lawn cutting related, but I have to say I don’t feel I’ve done a very good job.

It was harder than I expected; I had the idea to get low to the ground and get a view of the freshly cut grass stretching off into the distance.

I got the shot, of both front and back lawns, however clearly the smell isn’t in the photographs, and they lack that vibe a freshly cut lawn has.

I grabbed a couple of shots with Izzy in as she played, but still the composition wasn’t quite right and I couldn’t get the feeling I wanted.

That said, I do like today’s main photograph, and it was nice to capture the flower from a few days ago that I photographed for “Equinox“, now fully opened.

Learnings – Challenge 1 Gav 0 today, though I’m happy with my photograph, I didn’t capture the felling or vibe I wanted, I don’t think. I’m not sure how I will do it yet, but as we head into the warmer months I’ll get more opportunities to capture this subject, so I will try again!

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