On The Run – 82/365

It was a nice day for a bike ride today, so that’s what we did!

Livvys’ getting really confident now, she’s standing up, changing gears when she needs to and doing all the other complexities that go with learning to master riding a bike.

Izzy adores her bike too, and although her little legs don’t carry her as fast as Livvys long legs, she makes up for it in effort – she goes like the clappers!

We had a quick stop at a playground half way round the route, and then headed off again on the bikes.

It was getting towards tea time, so we decided to head back through the woods, Izzy was nervous but Livvy was all for it!

Livvys confidence got the better of her at first as she ploughed into trees, branches and general undergrowth – but it didn’t stop her.

When we came to a steep hill, I was sure she’d bottle it, she has declined this decline in the past.

However, today she went for it! I told her to go easy on the front brake, and squeeze the back break if she wanted to slow down.

As she whizzed passed me grinning from ear to ear, I said “back break Livvy if you want to slow down”, to which she replied “nooooooooooo”.

Learnings – trying to photograph fast moving and very erratic subjects was interesting today, and I learnt a lot about positioning myself for the best chance of a half decent shot.

These aren’t the best photographs, but they tell the story, and for me, that’s what it’s all about.

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