Centre Track – 81/365

There is another spot I pass on my way home from work where the road goes over a railway. It’s somewhere I’ve never actually walked past and had a closer look at.

Tonight as I drew near to the spot, I decided to park up close by and have a look, to see if I could get a photograph.

I took the picture above leaning over a gate, and I have to admit I was tempted to climb over it and get a closer picture of the underside of the bridge in the distance.

That would have taken me directly alongside the tracks, and even though there were no obvious “keel out” signs, I didn’t think it wise, or safe.

Crossing the road and looking over the other side of the bridge the tacks pass a neat looking house (which I assume used to be a signal house of sorts due to the junction a little way down) and then stretch off into the distance.

It looks like a really nice, characterful building, and although the railway line isn’t that busy these days, I do wonder how peaceful it was living there “back in the day”.

Finally, I headed back to the other side and forced a very shallow depth of field shot using a little cabbage like plant in the foreground, and balanced it with a signal light in the distance. It’s quirky, and I kind of like it for that reason.

Learnings – a classic photograph for today, I guess you’d call it. Nice bit of symmetry, depth and colour palette; a classic rail track image. I almost picked the little cabbage shot, but thought that might be a bit too whacky!

It was a nice little adventure today, very clean and satisfying, and I think that’s my main takeaway, nothing too complicated just a classic bit of beauty working for me.

I hope you enjoy the weekend, wherever it takes you.

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