The Same Sun – 88/365

As I left work today, the setting sun looked magnificent, and somehow very homely. It’s the same sun that’s lit the three days I’ve just spent in Malaga, but it feels so different.

I know it’s due to the angle the light hits the earth, and how it refracts through, and interacts with, the earths atmosphere; however there seems to be some more romance to it over and above the simple science.

So today I decided to take a photograph of the sun that sets over the place I call home. I took a photograph every time I could stop, and also over the bridge close to my house.

These are in the order which I took them through the journey:

Leaving work.

Right outside work looking across the Toyota plant through the trees, 30 seconds into my journey.

The other end of the M56, as I exit and stop at the huge newly built junction, leading off to Manchester, Liverpool, Chester or the Welsh coast.

The view from the bridge. I feel for the guys traveling west bound, though they do all appear to be chasing the setting sun….

Learnings – I read somewhere recently that you should never delete images “in camera”, you should always view them later and maybe they’ll turn out better than you expected, or you’ll be able to weave some magic in editing.

Today that was very true for me, and today’s picture didn’t seem much as I leant out of the window of my car and grabbed a shot of the setting sun, for my third picture in this mini series of shots.

I didn’t delete it though, and when I looked back to review my photographs, that third shot really stood out as the one capturing the exact emotion I wanted to capture.

The same sun that shines over the whole world, yet this one has the added romance of home.

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