Hard Wired – 92/365

Wow! I feel like I child at Christmas all over again. Not only with the emotions of excitement and anticipation, but also the innocence and unknown.

I have bought my first DSLR camera, and a couple of lenses. I have owned several “point and shoot” cameras, and more recently used my iPhones camera and a load of software and apps for added functionality. However, this thing is a whole new world to me.

I’ve got a 400 page user manual to digest, so I don’t expect I’ll be using its full capabilities any time soon, but I will certainly be giving it a good go and enjoying the learning process.

This picture I took with my iPhone, all the rest I took with my new camera, as best I could! Todays shot was with my iPhone too, and a lot of editing obviously.

These shots I took with my new camera, and zero editing.

There is definitely a deeper, and more detailed feel to the images it captures. Even Izzy’s dinner has more depth and detail, though she thought I was a bit strange taking a picture of it.

Livvy looks a little grainy here, but I did notice the marks on the glass door panel, something I hadn’t noticed before and it’s new detail coming through. No doubt the grain is from me not having a clue about the cameras settings.

This one of Izzy really makes her pop, though she wasn’t impressed because she hadn’t done her hair!

I’m super excited to see what possibilities this new bit of kit will open up for me, though as it stands right now it feels like an absolute mine field.

Learnings – I feel like I’ve just started all over again, totally green; but I’m going to try and reign in my enthusiasm a little and take it slowly.

How I get on doing that, remains to be seen….

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