Brave Little Girl – 91/365

Not unusually I still didn’t know what I was going to do for today’s photograph as I left work for the day. One thing I did think was that because the clocks have changed, it might be a good opportunity to get more sunlight into my photographs.

Anyway, as I set off for home, Holly rang just after she’d collected Izzy, and said that she had trapped her finger in a door, and should we take her to hospital.

Of course I didn’t know without looking, but between us we decided to be safe rather than sorry and we’d take her to the urgent care department at the local hospital.

This isn’t the first time she’s got her finger trapped in a door, but the last time was a car door with a big gap compared to her tiny finger. She’s still got tiny fingers now of course, but house doors can have very tight gaps, so I have to admit I was worried.

When Holly and I met at the hospital, I went straight to have a look at Izzy’s finger. It was nicely swollen, and turning a bright red, but the skin wasn’t too badly damaged with just a minor graze.

We decided I’d stay with her, and Holly would get back home and sort tea for everyone.

We didn’t have to wait long for the triage nurse, and she was brilliant taking all Izzy’s details.

After that we waited for her X-Ray. Again we didn’t have to wait too long, and Izzy played in the kids room quite happily, telling anyone and everyone about her “bruise”.

She made a little friend, and together they played for about half an hour, until the little girls brother came out and they left, poor boy had a nasty cut on his head.

The next nurse came and checked to see if Izzy wanted anything for the pain, but after some checks it was clear she wasn’t in any pain at all! So no need to administer even a spoonful of Calpol.

She played with every toy she could, but as always with Izzy, she favoured the cars and trucks; I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she grows up to be a mechanic.

I really liked this shot of her, the X-Ray revealed a brake to her second knuckle on her middle finger, however as kids do she just got on with the important task of playing, learning and growing.

She spent a long time looking around the room with me, pointing out all the interesting stuff there, accompanied with loads of “looook”, “wow” and “ahhhhh”.

I love the way kids find wonder and marvel in absolutely everything!

Learnings – kids are tough as boots, nothing gets in the way of them enjoying the world around them.

A lesson for us all there, I believe.

Just in case you’re wondering, Izzy is fine, she’s been patched up and in no pain at all. The staff at the hospital were great, and along with a patched up finger, she left with a poster to colour in, a badge for being brave and a teddy bear – she couldn’t be happier! X

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