Mother Nature – 90/365

First of all, happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there, it’s one thing to have children, and it’s quite another to be a “mummy”.

Endless amounts of emotional extremes; worry and pride, stress and joy, heartbreak and elation, all in equal measures as children grow.

Mums, your at the heart of it all, and somehow manage to be both resilient and gentle all at the same time.

So onto today’s photograph, and as we were heading out for Mother’s Day lunch with both mine and Hollys mums, I knew the venue we were going to had a nice river flowing past, which could mean some nice photographs.

I decided that today I could try and capture something of Mother Nature, the mummy to us all, of course.

There were plenty of swans and ducks about, and the odd boat drifted past too.

I took a few shots of one of the swans through a fence, it gave an interesting perspective, but it didn’t capture the feeling I wanted.

Just the river itself looks moody and powerful, slowly pushing on relentlessly to the sea.

Lunch was nice, and we took a very brief walk out to look at the water once we’d finished. It was surprisingly cold however, so it wasn’t long before we ducked back inside to warm up.

The cold didn’t stop Izzy running up and down the river though!

In the end, the photograph of Izzy peering through the fence at a swan bobbing past captured my heart.

Izzy loves nature and wildlife, and even at 3 she’s super maternal. She tends to her dolls like a mother would a child, it’s quite incredible.

Even though the swan was bigger than her, she wanted to feed it, too look after it, and of course to admire it.

Learnings – the light was strangely dull today, and it’s obviously cast a feeling into today’s photographs. I’m not sure how I will combat that in the future, however I’ll do some reading and see what I can discover.

So, not so much a learning today, as a home work assignment, which makes me feel like a child all over again!

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