Board Game – 100/365

Another jam packed day to day, that started off at 8am with a 2hr journey to a site in Viana that makes cardboard boxes.

Again, no edits today save for the main photograph.

The journey through some of rural Spain took us to one of the biggest cardboard box manufacturing sites in the country.

You have no doubt seen the “wiggly line” in the middle of cardboard boxes? Well, that’s called the flute, and this magnificent machine is what makes that all important wiggly line.

To be fair, wiggly line is an unfair description from me, because, to give it its correct name, the “flute”, is where all of the strength in card board is derived from.

Feeding this massive machine takes a lot of food, and again, it’s sustainable recycling that provides the source.

Huge 2t reels wait silently and patiently, to be fed into the machine to be given a new life.

They become sheets of cardboard, with a specific flute for their end use. In this case, wine boxes and, a very well known online retailer whose origins began as a book seller…..

As always, the heart of the business is built around recycling and ensuring absolute minimal environment impact.

I am always drawn to these very un-assuming stacks of recycled bales, that are the indicator of recycling in action.

13hrs after my day began, we settled at a local world food market for dinner.

Hospitality at the plant visit had as always been great, but I have to admit it was nice to unwind with my newly acquainted colleagues and relax for an evening meal, and enjoy the football.

Learnings – it’s amazing to let my photography just be free, and capture the moment without much care for technical qualities.

Smiling faces, amazing industry, environmental concerns and instances in time, all moments captured; are what I’m becoming to appreciate mean so much.

Technical accuracy can only compliment the moment, it cannot create it.

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