Head Home – 101/365

Well, I am home again, and it’s been a very tiring but very rewarding trip.

I’ve met some fantastic people, and the older I get and the further I travel, the more I realise the world is populated by great people all over it.

I couldn’t take pictures inside the plant today for safety reasons, there is quite rightly a very tight control on any form of potential spark.

So, just a little shot of the outside for you!

On the journey home, again I had a stint on the super cool fast train, and I tried to catch the screen at its top speed of 300km/hr.

However, between calls, emails, watching the scenery and the occasional nap, I only managed to get it at 292km/hr!

The train doesn’t just rock up to top speed and stay there, it slows during more built up areas, and through tunnels etc, when I say slows it’s still shifting along at about 200…. plus the board displays various information cycling around, along with speed, so it wasn’t as easy as you might think.

Off the train and a quick taxi to Barcelona airport, which has some really impressive sights.

It’s not as clear as I’d have liked here, but if you look in the middle of the shot, you can see a long line of gates stretching off into the distance.

And a pretty cool coffee shop in the middle of a court yard.

Landed and back in the UK after a smooth flight, and the sunset was a really nice welcome home as I walked the tunnel from the terminal to the car park.

The absolute best bit though, was being mobbed by my three girlies as I walked through the door!

It took a good ten minutes to make it past the door mat as two very excited young girls swamped me with hugs, kisses and stories of what they’ve been doing.

Learnings – travels great, and seeing new things, learning more about the business and meeting new people is absolutely amazing; but coming home does take some beating!

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