Come Back – 112/365

You may have heard me say this before, but my mum has a saying “it’s nice to go away, but it’s nice to come home too”.

She’s so right, I love seeing new things, trying new things, meeting new people, traveling to new places and just soaking up as much of the world as I possibly can.

That said, there really is no place like home.

So today I wanted to capture a shot of our home, as the sun set on it, and on our little Easter adventure.

I love the pictures, I like the silhouette, I like the bird, I like that the TV antenna wraps around the sunset, it tells a story that the family is inside all snuggled in front of the fire, watching some telly.

I love the way the trees and shrubs “hug” the house, snuggling it and keeping it cozy.

Plus, as a little extra I have some pictures of dragons for you, that I didn’t have time to squeeze in over the past three days posts.

(By the way I’ve been back on yesterday’s post and corrected a few grammatical and formatting errors, apologies for that, I 100% blame the cider!)

Anyway, some dragons.

Finally, purely for a bit of fun this sign made me smile today, when we stopped to get a quick coffee on the journey home.

I can’t help but think the toilet is now somewhat redundant from its originally designed purpose in life…….

Learnings – Pwllheli, thank you, you were amazing; your dragons, water slides, beaches, views, walks, pedal cars, zip wires, magic carpet slides, bare foot walks, cider, quirky toilet signs, lovely clean sea, warm air, singers, pedalo’s, rock pools, quizzes, BBQ’s, swimming pools, Easter eggs and hospitality have all been amazing!

Plus, cider does not help you write blog posts, it makes it a lot more challenging!

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