Night Light – 111/365

This is the view from above one of the main social areas of the site we’ve been staying on for the past three days. The photogrpah really doesnt do it justice, its a vibrant and colourfull spot, both day and night.

As cool as it is, this was just the end of another day packed with loads of activities.

As always, we mainly plumb for stuff for the kids, and we started our day off with trip to the beach, the first of two trips onto the sand we took today.

We went down early, and that combined with the tide being most of the way in, meant that we had the beach to ourselves!

It was a magical little time, and thanks to us scrambing down a cliff face to get to the waters edge, it really felt like a proper exploring adventure.

Just look at how mesmerised Izzy is by the simple act of Holly pouring sand from her hand, and into Izzys. Its the innocence and wonder that only children can ever posese.

The water was obviously freezing, but again, that wasn’t going to stop us going in for a paddle. Though cold, it was beautifully clear and clean.

As a paddle board rider drifted past I wondered how that must feel, to just glide across a huge sheet of glassy sea, in whatever directon you chose.

I must try it one day!

I played with varous shots a lot today; from close ups to long range wide panoramic views, with both my lenses, and I couldnt tell you how many settings I played with!

It felt good to just “snap” whatever I thought looked nice, and if I wasn’t sure how best to capture it to just let the camera decide. Its nice to know I have both worlds at my disposal, fully automatic to fully manual, and everything in between.

We headed back to base for some lunch, after hiring a pedalo, and then a cycle car for us all. We literally haven’t sat still for a monument during this break, which is brilliant, especially for the kids!

This evening, the moon was also in full colour, and although I’ve photographed it before, or at least atempted to; this moon was just too magnificent not to have another go.

This last shot (below) is a little grainey, however, you get the idea, and I’m sure I’ll learn why I haven’t captured it quite right over the coming months.

We finished the day off with a night in the club house, for a quiz, and some entertainment.

It was a great way to end a really enjoyable day.

Learnings – the moon, even though bright orange today, is still difficult to photograph. I think the shot above is better than my last, so that’s cool. However, I still want a sharper more defined image of it.

So I guess it’s nice to have progressed, but at the same time I know I have a long way to go still.

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