Pedal Power – 110/365

Today we ventured out and about, and ended up at Greenwood adventure park. The best way I can describe it is, it’s like a much smaller, and very “natural” Alton Towers.

It’s much more in tune with the natural world than most theme parks, with lots of nature trails, walks, bare foot walks, tree houses and stuff like that. It does of course, also have lots of slides and a couple of roller coasters. It’s a good day out, I recommend it.

One of the roller coasters, the Green Dragon, is powered by kinetic energy, which is generated from its riders climbing on board a platform that generates energy via pulleys as its passengers weight pulls it down.

That charges up the “main” roller coaster, which is pretty cool when you think about it. While your waiting at the top, you have a pretty cool view to enjoy too!

Being Easter, there was an Easter egg maze, that I’m pretty sure had something more than just chickens and bunnies hiding under it too!

There were some of the biggest tree houses I have ever seen, and the kids enjoyed climbing all over it, and then sliding down the slides to do it all over again.

That evening we planned to have another BBQ, then head up to the bar for the entertainment.

However, full from the food, and enjoying the wine, beer and warm glow from the fire, we decided to stay put and just enjoy each other’s company.

It was a good decision.

Learnings – Something struck me today, and it was only when I was putting today’s post together at 23:56 that it hit me.

I was rushing to make sure I didn’t miss the midnight deadline, and I thought back to times in recent weeks when I’ve previously been hastily composing the blog entry for my 365 journey.

Time is precious, and I have no problem squeezing masses of stuff into my life, quite the opposite, I relish it; however I was cursing at breaks in routine (and iffy WiFi), that inevitably make it more difficult to edit photos and write these posts.

However, in that same moment I realised that these brakes in routine are actually the really special moments in life; they are the times when we are most actively filling our lives, with life!

I do not intend to miss a post this year during this adventure, but if I ever do, the only reason would be that I’m just living too much, and I think I can probably live with that.

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