Coasting – 109/365

It was so nice, exploring the coast line at dawn today, before the world had fully woken. It felt special, like for that moment it was all mine to savour. I felt very privileged.

I just wandered when my legs, eyes and nose took me, to the waters edge, over rocks and up little inlet gulleys.

Photography is great for an adventurous soul.

I took several photographs before most of the world had even gotten out of bed, well, where I was at least anyway.

The morning drifted into afternoon, and after an early evening BBQ, spirits were high, and we headed off to have another look at the coast line.

But not before we had some fun and games with the kids!

The moon was amazing tonight, low slung and a vibrant, almost red colour.

It was too tempting not to have a little play with it.

Learnings – I’ve had some more really nice comments about my photographic journey. It’s nice to hear that people are getting enjoyment from my adventure; thank you Ang for you kind words!

It’s amazing to think that in such a commercially driven world as we live in, that the output of something as simple as me enjoying learning photography and sharing my adventure, is that other people also enjoy following the journey, and take pleasure from it.

Simply doing something that your passionate about, and the outcome is other people’s enjoyment? That, is very special indeed.

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