Gone – 108/365

I took a shot of the sun coming through into our lounge this morning, as I took ten minutes for a cup of tea and to catch up on the nights emails before I left the house for the day.

It’s a nice set of minutes I sometimes grab, before the hustle and bustle of the day really gathers momentum.

Looks kind of cool, doesn’t it.

Little did I know that later in the day, I’d get a call from Holly proposing that we bring the scheduled departure for our Easter break a day earlier; meaning we’d leave today!

So, of course I agreed, and as soon as I touched down at home, we packed and set off.

It was a good move, we dodged almost all of the traffic, and now we’re here!

Learnings – just say yes, and go with the flow, who knows where you’ll end up!

I have my camera and laptop with me, as always, and on the way here I’ve already clocked a couple of photographic opportunities.

I will of course, keep you posted.

P.S. these are both iPhone shots.

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