Lost – 120/365

What a day. They happen don’t they, those days that you know are going to be a grind, but no matter how much you plan, it still ends up dragging you by the scruff of the neck from dawn to dusk, and beyond.

Photography gave me a nice little escape today, after the bulk of the day was done.

About a week or so ago, I bumped into a neighbour walking a dog she was dog sitting, on my way back from taking pictures for a previous day.

After me explaining to her why I was out late at night in the woods with my camera, she told me about another wood a short walk away, that I had not visited before.

Today, after arriving home I ate my dinner, threw some shorts and a t-shirt on, and nipped out to have a look at this woodland I’d been told about.

I had no plan about what I wanted to capture, but the sun light was low and bright, and I thought I might get some cool images of shafts of light through the trees.

As it turned out, I’d missed the light, but the path winding through the trees and flowers caught my eye, so I decided to use that as my subject.

Its was nice to follow the winding little path for a while, not really knowing where it would take me; really just letting it take me away.

We’d only just met, yet I felt safe letting this unassuming little woodland path lose me.

It took me up hills, along edges, over fallen logs and under tree branches.

I wondered how many others had enjoyed the story it was telling me, a few by the look of a well heeled fallen tree.

We came across a little stream, or brook, or whatever you’d call it. It made the noise a stream makes; that soft trickle a small volume of water moving faster than it would ideally like to, makes. So let’s call it a stream.

Time was ticking on though, as it does, and the stream would be my final couple of shots before I’d try and find my way back home.

I took a couple of shots low to the water, looking up and out into the wood, and edited them very slightly differently above and below here.

Learnings – sometimes you have to lose yourself to find what your looking for. In the lap of a little woodland path, I found some pretty neat things today, just minutes from my front door.

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