Bounce – 121/365

Today, I had a plan, and something a little different. I was going to wait until dark, and try and photograph some insects. I thought it might pose an interesting challenge.

Izzy was in bed, and Livvy wasn’t far off, so I decided to head out into the garden. Livvy asked where I was going, and when I told her I was going insect hunting, she asked to join me.

I of course told her she was more than welcome to come along with me, and with that we ventured off.

Livvy took me to some spots where she knew insects lived; “under the sand pit”, she said, “there are loads of little spiders under there!”. Unfortunately today, there wasn’t.

“Behind the shed”, came another suggestion, “there are slugs behind there!”.

Well, today there wasn’t, it seemed we might struggle to find any little creatures tonight, having checked all the best spots.

At that point, Livvy decided the trampoline was more fun than chasing creepy crawlies, especially ones that seemed to be outsmarting us.

I took a few pics of her bouncing about, showing me all her special moves, and we had a good old laugh when she tried to trampoline on a space hopper!

She’s got such an expressive face, and eyes that I just can’t do justice in a photograph yet, maybe I never will.

Learnings – I takes me an absolute age to edit any photographs I take of the girls. I think it’s probably because I can’t do them justice, no matter how hard I try, they’re just so beautiful!

On my laptop I got a result I was happy with, and interestingly I don’t have to change the exposure much these days, to get a faithful representation of how the scene actually was. I take that to be a good sign I’m exposing the images fairly well in camera, to how I like them anyway.

I know I like to darken shadows, that’s just my personal preference, but these have come out a touch darker then they were on my lap top, and no doubt they’ll look different on all devices, computers or whatever. So that’s something I need to be more mindful of in the future.

And, I wonder where all the bugs have gone!?

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