Sky Lines – 122/365

Today I thought I’d keep it pretty simple, and visit a view I took a photograph of a couple of weeks ago, to see how things have changed with my photography.

If you want to see the first shots I took, you can see them here, in the post “A New Perspective“.

I took a few different shots and then edits of the same, or similar view.

It’s pretty amazing what you can do having a play about with the temperature of an image, and I really do enjoy the editing aspect of photography.

I have to say though, as with taking the photographs themselves it is still a learning curve for me.

Like I said yesterday, I like really deep shadows, but I know that’s not everyone’s taste.

I had a go today at getting some deep shadows whist still holding the detail in the dark areas of the image.

Doesn’t sound easy, and for me it wasn’t, either I’m trying to get something that’s not possible, or I just haven’t found a way to do it yet, we’ll see.

I liked the freshly ploughed fields today, the lines they create and the promise they bring, of summer times.

In the first couple of pictures I couldn’t help emphasising the setting sun, and the clouds. Maybe I went a bit over board, but hey, I was enjoying it too much!

Learnings – I’ve said a few times now that I’ll revisit some shots, so it was nice to have a go today.

I didn’t do anything particularly different with my camera settings, not that stood out anyway.

That said, the first thing I did was look out at the view, for some nice compositions, the second thing I did was look for a fence post I could use to steady myself, and the camera.

Maybe that’s a pretty clear difference after all, if I remember right the first time I stood bolt upright and held the camera in front of my face totally free hand.

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