Here Come The Girls – 125/365

Today, I had a plan! I was going to ask all three girls, Holly, Livvy and Izzy to come with me to a spot in the woods Izzy and I passed yesterday, when we were train spotting.

It was a little area in the middle of the wood bathed in both light, and wild garlic in full bloom.

Plus, I haven’t got many photographs so far during this journey of my wife, Holly, and that needed to be addressed.

Luckily for me, during a break in the weather all the girls agreed to come out on a little adventure with me.

Livvy and Izzy needed bribing with a bike and a scooter to ride, Holly came along as a willing participant!

Livvy parked her scooter, and Izzy her bike, as we arrived at the spot. It had been raining quite hard for a couple of hours, and the smell of the wild garlic in amongst the damp woodland was really nice.

The whole scene was very tranquil, even if the kids were a little rattled at not being able to ride down the narrow track through the blanket of garlic.

Still, their little moods made for some interesting photographs, and they can’t manage to stay grumpy for too long.

Even when she’s trying to storm off in defiance, Izzy can’t stop her face from cracking a cheeky little grin…..

Kisses and cuddles from mummy always makes things better, and soon enough spirits were back up on high.

I’ve edited most of the shots with a bit of a moody feel to them, as is my preference. However, I think I’ll revisit some of these and edit them in other ways, just to see what different vibes I can get from them.

Izzy looks so small in the woods, and she loves exploring up and down the paths, seeing where they’ll take her and what she’ll find at there end.

Finally, a nice portrait of Holly. I haven’t done a lot of portraits yet, but as she sat in amongst the wild flowers and the lush greenery of the trees, how could I resist taking one of my wife.

She is beautiful! Xxxx

After that, we packed up and headed off, we had a BBQ to get to for the afternoon…..

Learnings – I was really keen for the girls to come out with me today; the sky was overcast, with plenty of light flooding through the clouds, and that combined with the rain shower I knew the woods would look fantastic. That wild garlic in bloom wouldn’t last forever, either.

I was so proud of my family as we all marched out of the front door. I know my 365 challenge can be a burden on them all at times, and yet they all still came with me.

The photographs we got, I hope you agree, go a little way to showing exactly how unbelievably lucky I am.

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