Trainspotting – 124/365

This afternoon I went back to the woodland I visited a couple of days ago, for the post I called “lost“.

Whilst wandering along the path during that little adventure, I had noticed a really nice looking stone train tunnel, and I wondered if I could get closer one day, maybe even to the other side to get a shot of a train running through.

My side kick Izzy wanted to come to, and we had a bit of an adventure scrabbling through the woods, and into position on a steep bank to wait for a train.

We waited a good 20minutes, but in that time it was really nice for me and Izzy to just sit together and watch butterflies travel past, listen to the birds tweeting, talk about the badger set we’d seen, and just generally watch the world float by.

It was as though we had all the time in the world, to just enjoy each other’s company entirely at our own pace.

Time is precious, and as human beings we don’t respect that time we have together enough, especially when it comes to family and friends.

A couple of trains whizzed past on another train line in the distance, and as both Izzy and I heard the faint train noise, we both looked at each other with a glare of excitement!

Eventually, our ship came in, and a train drifted into view, through the tunnel, and we got our shot.

It felt great, we genuinely felt like adventurers, who set off to conquer something, and we achieved it.

Special times indeed.

Learnings – for the record, I’m not overly chuffed with my photographs of the shot. They are as I wanted, but the reality wasn’t as my mind imagined. Maybe I’ll have another go one day, I think a lower angle might help.

Still, we achieved our goal, and that’s really cool.

Also, I think I’ve learnt what it is trainspotters find so endearing about their hobby. It’s a little like fishing, you wait for ages with nothing happening. However it’s not all relaxation, because at any moment a fish could bite, or that train could come thundering through the tunnel.

Most of all, I loved spending a little time with Izzy, doing nothing but sitting on a shrub covered slope, waiting for our train.

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