Narrow Lane – 130/365

Today’s photograph gets its title courtesy of Livvy Astley, aged 7. I couldn’t think of what to call it, so I asked her to help me.

I said “it kind of feels like we’re going from a dark and moody place into a nice bright field in summer, don’t you think?” She replied, hmmmm, yes, let’s call it “Narrow Lane”.

It’s was a much better title than I had thought of, so I let her type it in herself.

This morning I was extra early into work, so much so I had time to take a little ten minute detour on my way in, to grab today’s “one shot”.

As is often the way, I’ve passed this view many times from a slightly different angle, but never actually stopped to take a close look at it.

I only had a few minutes to spare to grab my shot, and as I was only taking one that kind of helped, because all I had to do was frame the shot and take it – simple.

In theory…..

The scene from this angle I found, wasn’t as open as I would have liked; the view from the road as you drive past is of the sunrise rolling across layers of hills and fields, and it always catches my eye.

However, stopping on a dual carriageway isn’t advisable, so I had to just get as close as I could, safely.

Thankfully, I found a turn off close by, and just a few yards down it, an old farmers track leading into the first field.

It looked really nice, though not the view I originally wanted and much lower down than the view from the road. Being a “one shot” day, and with only a few minutes at my disposal I of course had to make the most of it.

It actually felt like a little window into another world, a forbidden world I couldn’t venture into because my life was heading in another direction for the day, into the world of work.

So I tried to capture that vibe in the photograph, and in the edit. It’s a little busy, but I really like it, it’s kind of sweet.

Settings today, again in auto mode:

My normal go to lens, set at 39mm

F/13 aperture

ISO 100

1/320 shutter speed

Learnings – I’m not sure yet what I’ve learnt today, but something about framing I feel, in that I was forced to try and do something with what I had in front of me.

It was nice to try and capture a photograph in the morning light for a change, 95% of my photographs are taken in the evening, just due to time really. Same as everyone I have busy old life.

It wasn’t ideal shooting straight into the sun, but still, the camera helped me out.

I won’t have such luxury’s on the weekend though, I am determined to get two “one shot” photographs this weekend, one Saturday, and one Sunday.

Wish me luck!!

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