Little Lady’s – 135/365

When I asked Livvy if I could take a picture of her today, because I really wanted to get a photograph of her lovely blue eyes, she “pinky promised” me she would let me take a picture of her tomorrow.

If you don’t know, a “pinky promise” is where you link your little fingers with the other persons and they make a promise that cannot be broken – it is the law of the youth.

I was happy with that, but seen as how I was now fully immersed in a seven year olds society, I gave her my best “seven year olds sulky face” look………

It worked like a charm, and she agreed we could do some photographs today!

She posed all over the garden, on the trampoline, on the slide, and at various points around the lawn. It was great fun, and I took 130 photographs! Some were great, some not so much, like I’ve said before I’m not yet quick enough to adjust for the changes in light, or pace when trying to keep up with a whirlwind Livvy bouncing from slide to trampoline in the blink of an eye.

At one point when she was getting out of the trampoline, we spotted a lady bird on the rail around the trampoline base.

Livvy immediately started to count its spots, and it made for a lovely moment as she gently nudged it onto her hand.

It was nice today, to just have fun with the camera, taking shots of Livvy whilst she played, of some flowers, the ladybird and a tap that’s always been stuck in a pot in one of the flower beds. I’ve no clue as to why, but it’s really cool, somehow.

Learnings – I’m still refining my style with portraits, especially on the temperature of the picture. As you know I like dark and moody images, but for me it doesn’t quite sit with a portrait, especially of my daughter; so I always have a bit of an internal battle with myself about the tone of the image.

I really wanted to get that clean sharp image of her eyes, and I’m pretty happy with the result, though it’s hard for me to be objective because she’s just so beautiful.

I also wanted to try and get an action shot of her on the trampoline, but I still haven’t managed to master freezing fast moving objects, and Livvy moves crazy fast on the trampoline!! I got some nice shots, but none I was 100% happy with, so I’ll have to try and get another “pinky promise” off her and try again.

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