Lost in a Thousand Pink Stars – 161/365

A funny old day today, not only in my photography challenge, but just a funny old day in general.

I’m trying to stop using my vape, and I think it’s making me feel a bit off centre, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, today I wanted to try and get a shot of some birds on our back lawn, so I threw some bread crumbs out, set my camera up in the conservatory, and went back inside to wait for the birds to settle.

A while later, I went back out as a few birds were diving in and picking up bits of bread, then flying off again. They were zooming in and out really quickly, but I had a chance at least.

Alas, although I got a nice shot of a sparrow on the fence just before it swooped down to snatch some bread, and also one of a magpie just having a little investigation; none of my shots were sharp enough.

I still cannot get a really sharp image through my 70-300mm lens, and I’m starting to wonder if my lens/camera combo isn’t an ideal match – they are not the same manufacturer and as such I can’t set things like removing chromatic aberration in camera.

That’s not an excuse, just a learning for me really, and going forward I’ll stick to matching lenses for my camera.

Still, it was cool sitting and watching for the birds to try and sneak in for a bit of bread. They flew into a bush close by, dropped down through the branches, and then hopped down to grab a bit of bread before zooming off again.

They were experts at beating the 2 second timer too, so I had to switch back to constant shooting mode.

Learnings – Well, I had to keep trying today to get a half decent shot, the birds didn’t work out, then I tried the gerbils, then a door handle that looked cool with the rain running all over it; but nothing seemed to be working, until I spotted the pretty little pink flowers you see here in today’s photographs.

I don’t know what they are, but they got me out of a little spot today, and I am now in debt to these bright little pink stars.

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