Racing Lines – 162/365

My goodness it’s wet around here at the moment! Still, I’m not complaining, there is nothing wrong with a bit of rain, and I actually really like how refreshing it feels, and how vibrant it makes everything look.

Plus, it fills the lakes up, last year we had very little rain, and low water levels became a real concern for a lot of local waterways.

Anyway, as you probably know by now, I’ve tried a few different ways during this challenge already, to try and capture the “vibe” the rain gives me in a photograph.

I don’t feel I’ve quite nailed it yet, but I do feel I’m getting closer, and as always progress is the most important thing.

The problem I’m encountering at the moment, is that I don’t want to get my camera wet! I’m starting to zone in on the water, and how to capture it, and I was pretty pleased in the end with my “Drained” post, where again I was trying to photograph the rain.

So, to try and capture an image of the rain, without getting my camera wet, I thought I might try and capture an image of road spray flying up off the tarmac as cars drive through the many puddles we have at the moment.

Of course, I wanted to capture one of the really dramatic ones, where cars are forced to drive through really big puddles of water, and send spray high in the air.

However, it would have got me, and my camera soaked, and also I didn’t think it’d be safe for me or the drivers if I was poking a camera in their faces as they drive through puddles heading towards me.

So, as I happened upon a lay-by, I pulled over and wound the window down, to grab some shots of the traffic zipping past me.

I’m fairly pleased with how they turned out, though I could probably have done with a slightly faster shutter speed to freeze and capture more detail in the water spray, but you live and learn!

Learnings – my timing was way off at first trying to capture these images, and I captured loads of empty road and car tail gates……. it really is amazing how shutter speed effects timing your shot.

That may sound obvious, but when your talking about 1/200th of a second, and faster, you wouldn’t think it would through your timing off as you adjust the shutter speed up and down, but my word it does!

I guess it really does polarise how much we are trying to capture such a fleeting moment, at times just thousandths of a second, then the moments gone………

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