Our Journey – 167/365

My goodness, what a weekend! We’ve had a really nice time of it; from chilling out Saturday afternoon with a film on the sofa, to my mums birthday party on Saturday night, to Father’s Day cards and pressies and hugs, to hiking up “Mary’s Muffin” followed by a lovely Sunday brunch today and finally a visit over to see Hollys parents.

We packed quite a lot in, and I took way too many photographs!

I know, that might sound strange, but because I am still very much learning, things take me longer than I guess they would for someone more experienced.

Editing in particular takes me ages, again because it’s new to me, and partly because I’m so picky about every little detail; and again I’m not 100% happy with my edits yet (it’s creeping up though and I recon I’m about 90% there, I may never actually get to 100%).

All the images you see here are from the trip up to the top of the hill, that we know as “Mary’s Muffin”, and as you can tell, I’m just seeing compositions everywhere, the landscape is simply stunning everywhere you look.

The image above, is of the tiny path we were following, wrapping itself around the woods, sat amongst the moss, with Moel Fammau in the distance.

As we got close, the old dry stone walls drew lines for us, all pointing towards the top of the hill.

The lighting was kind to me, it was around 10:30am, but not too bright and with plenty of interesting cloud cover.

I really love this shot of my mum, walking between two giant creases in the landscape, as we were almost at the hills summit.

Then this one below, again with the old dry stone wall in the foreground, the hills stretching away in the mid-ground, culminating in a solitary tree and a walker making his/her way towards it, on the background horizon.

The two images below, are taken from the top of the hill, one looking over towards Moel Fammau, and the other over towards Ruthin, and onto Snowdonia.

Just breathtaking, and not only was it stunning but also it was nice to walk with my mum on her birthday, and also to just capture the scenes without too much experimenting or pressure on myself to try something, as part of a learning.

I just put into practice what I’ve learned so far, and captured the images we saw.

Learnings – again, for the wide landscape shots I used the exposure bracketing function; I’m finding it super useful for capturing the details and tones across the whole image, from subtle sky highlights and mood, to the multitude of deep greens (that I always dull off slightly for that vibe I like).

Just a really, really brilliant weekend……. but I am going to take less pictures, and for the week ahead I think I’m going to try the “one shot” challenge again, watch this space!

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