The Pink Mob – 168/365

Well I stuck to my word, one photograph today, that’s all I took. I did use exposure bracketing again, so technically I took three frames at different exposures, but I only pressed the shutter button once.

It was an interesting exercise, because as before it forced me to really examine the composition. I looked at the miniature scene from all angles, and peered through the view finder to see what everything looked like.

I wanted to make the little pink flower that was holding its head the highest of all the flowers, seem like it was leading a legion of pink flower soldiers, or a flower gang, and was confronting the onlooker to the scene; protecting his/her tribe.

I wanted to use an aperture that gave me a shallow depth of field, to blur the background so it looked like the pink flowers went on and on; but deep enough to get the whole ‘main’ flower in focus.

I used my tripod so I could shoot three exposures and merge them into one, to capture the full dynamic range of tones.

The settings I used were:

44mm focal length



1/125 shutter

It is possibly the sharpest image I’ve ever taken, even if you zoom in on the main flower it is really sharply captured.

Learnings – I really enjoy these “one shot” challenges, they really focus your mind into every aspect of capturing the image.

Because you only get one shot, it needs to be fully planned, everything taken into account and factored in, so you make the absolute most of the opportunity.

I’m really pleased with my image of the “pink mob”, I think it’s got a neat vibe about it and, moreover, I captured and edited it to look exactly how I imagined it in my mind.

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