Open Up – 171/365

A change of pace today, and a chance encounter with a blossom.

I was literally 20seconds away from pulling onto the drive at home, when a bush in bloom caught my eye.

As soon as I parked, I got out of my car and went for a closer look. It must have only just started to blossom, because I haven’t noticed it before, and it was catching the sun beautifully, which I guess made it even more eye catching.

It was a little overgrown to be fair, but that didn’t matter, it is really pretty all the same.

It’s growing out and over a fence of a neighbouring house, who’s occupants I don’t know well at all; and as I stood peering at the bush growing over their fence, I did wonder what I’d say, should the owners arrive home at that moment.

I was soon to find out, as seconds later the chap arrived home! He came over straight away, and was most concerned that I was looking at the bush, and maybe thinking it needed cutting back.

I of course set him straight, and explained to his bemusement about my 365 challenge. We had a nice little chat about how the gardens are thriving in the current wet and warm weather, and how it’s a constant job to maintain them.

We parted company, and I went in doors; only to return a few minutes later and capture today’s shot.

Learnings – yet again my 365 challenge is not only teaching me about photography, taking me to new places and showing me new things, but it’s also introducing me to new people.

Pretty cool stuff, I’d say.

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