Thoughts – 173/365

I warn you now, this blog post is going to take an unexpected twist…..

Holly and I did a bit of painting this afternoon on the shed, which we’re turning into a kind of beech hut bar, at the bottom of our garden.

When we’d finished we had a BBQ, and all sat together on the decking soaking up the evening sun.

The light hitting Livvy’s face was lovely, and cast a warm glow over her gorgeous face – Holly suggested I take a photograph, for today’s 365 shot, and so I did.

She is such a gorgeous girl, all three of the girlies in our house are gorgeous to be fair!

With the light still illuminating our little corner, and the girls faces, we decided to take another shot of all the girls together.

It was a really nice scene, until one of them trumped!!!!

I’m not going to give away who the culprit was, but maybe the three image sequence below might give you a clue, from the facial expressions.

It gave me a really nice opportunity to capture some genuine belly laughing!

Fun times, and a really nice way to end the day, I am truly blessed.

Learnings – the girls (the young ones) didn’t want to sit still for the photo, and forcing the issue wasn’t going to work, so a wider aperture and faster shutter helped me capture the moment.

I’m still not great at portraits, especially post processing them, but still, thankfully Livvy’s beauty overpowers everything in today’s shot.

It’s an interesting mood she’s portraying too, very thoughtful, I love it.

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