Flower Tower – 179/365

This evening when I got home the girls were playing out on the garden, and as they greeted me Livvy ushered me over to the pond, so she could show me the frogs.

The pond is full of frogs at the moment, big ones and tiny little ones, and I did think they’d make a nice photograph, however I’ve photographed them recently in my “Stare Off” post, so I wanted to find something else.

Near the pond though I saw a trail of ants, looking to see where they were going to/from, I noticed this little cluster of, even tinier creatures.

I’m not sure if this is insect war, or an ant nursery, but either way it was interesting to watch the tiny little creatures.

It was much harder to photograph them though, they are rapid little movers, and they were in a dark little corner making the balance between shutter speed and light hitting the sensor a challenge.

Still, I like the shot I captured below, of one ant peering around the side of a leaf, whilst his friends walk along its edge.

Not totally happy I could capture the ants with the clarity or sharpness I wanted, I moved onto something more static.

I found this small “tower” of flowers, which looked gorgeous sat half in the sun light and half in the shade.

I exaggerated the lighting during the post processing edit, and for the main shot kept things faithful (mostly) colour wise, and for the one below, had a bit of colour grading Friday fun!

Have a great weekend!

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