Woodland Walk – 178/365

As I was getting the girls out of the bath this evening, I told them both I was going to nip out when Holly got back from the gym, to try and get a photograph of a ray of light shining through the woods. It was a glorious day today, with not a cloud in the sky so I thought I’d need some shade to subdue the light a bit, and also the shadow could, I hoped, look cool as the evening drew in.

I asked them both if they wanted to come with me, Izzy wanted to, and Livvy decided to stay home with her mum.

So, with it being late I told Izzy we’d have to miss her bed time story to save some time, and she was fine with that preferring to go on a little adventure.

Livvy however, had an even better idea, and she suggested I tell Izzy a story as we wander through the woods – you have to agree that is the best solution, and Izzy was made up!

As soon as Holly got home, we set off!

It’s not far to the woods, and we had a lovely little chat about our days events on the short walk to the woods.

Once there, the lighting looked amazing, and a little way down the track, we headed off the beaten path and into the woodland to find our photograph.

We traversed brambles, dodged trees full of green fly, jumped over a brook and scrambled up a hill; until eventually we found a spot that looked just right.

I setup and took my shot, and I was pretty pleased with it too, but decided to take a few more to be sure; when a little face appeared in the view finder……..

And that was that, the woodland shot was a distant memory, as Izzy just looked as amazing as only Izzy can. Surrounded in the warm evening glow, she brought a lump to my throat, she looked so beautiful.

We took loads of shots, before eventually heading back; and on the way I told her a story all about how Goldilocks went to the woods with her dad one day to take pictures of the light; and she loved it.

For the record, this is the shot I had in mind, and captured.

Learnings – an evening stroll with Izzy, is an amazing way to end the day! X

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