Jurassic Wales – 183/365

I believe, this is the best landscape photograph I have ever taken.

Today I was over in LLanberis to visit a customer, and on the way back John and I stopped for a breather. We stopped at a spot I’d noticed before when driving past; I could only see a glimpse through the trees from the road, but it looked interesting.

My word, it wasn’t interesting, it was amazing! Turns out it was “Pont Pen-Y-Llyn”, a stone bridge that crosses the river running out of “Llyn Padarn”.

The instant I saw the bridge, I recognised it from photographs people have taken of it.

The view from the bridge, up the lake and over to the mountain range was breath taking.

I had make a little vow to myself to not fill these blog posts with quite so many photographs, but today as I write this, I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist……..

So with so many shots of this awesome view, why do I think today’s main image is my best landscape photograph?

Well it just has so much going on, the mountains in the back ground, to the grasses in the foreground. I love the steps on the left down to the boat that tell a story, and make your mind wander, and all the trees that look like vines climbing all over the rocks. I love the moody sky and the dramatic overall feel. I love the way it stretches off to the right, and how the water is still close into the shore, but has that movement further into the middle of the water.

I managed to capture all the details I wanted to, the way I wanted to and then edit it just the way I wanted to; and that is a hugely satisfying feeling!

Here is a tighter in crop of the rocks.

I am, super pleased with it!

Learnings – mostly, that I think I’ll be visiting this wonderful little bridge again.

I’m blown away with the beauty that surrounds us in Wales.

P.S. there were three women swimming the lake, they were trying to swim a mile! One came up to me and remarked “did you get some nice photographs of the landscape?”, “it’s impossible not to!” I told her, she smiled and agreed, “it is stunning”.

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