Thistle Miss – 184/365

A less dramatic image today, and a strange turn of events in capturing it!

This evening I went for a little walk down to a local pond, to capture today’s photograph. The pond didn’t look quite right, the light was too low and the vegetation too high. It’s really grown since I last visited; and whilst I was pleased to see the really old looking duck there, appearing well, I wasn’t feeling it for a photograph.

So I headed off again, and thought I’d try a wild field nearby, that is always overgrown. I thought if the pond vegetation is like this, then the “wild field” might make a nice, natural photograph.

When I got there though, I immediately noticed a swathe had been cut out, creating a pathway into the field of wild plants, mostly leggy grasses and nettles.

Sure enough, as I walked down the freshly cut track, pretty much the whole field had been cut!

This was turning into a bit of a problem day, photography wise………

Eventually I took a few shots of the flys buzzing about in the sun light, which always makes me think of summer. I also photographed some close up thistles, some nettles, and I took a shot of a passing cargo train; you know the type that seem to go on for miles and miles!

Anyway, when I got home, half the photos weren’t saved, or maybe I deleted them when I transferred them from my memory card to my laptop, I’m not sure.

Either way, my little thistle close up saved my bacon today, and I enjoyed photographing it just as much as the big dramatic landscapes of North Wales yesterday. I’m just really enjoying photography in general now, and that’s so cool.

Learnings – maybe to give my memory card the once over, or be more careful when I’m deleting stuff?

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