The Angle – 187/365

What a wonderful day! We woke to a cool breeze, but the promise of a sun that would “crack the flags” in the afternoon.

The agenda was simple, head to one of the seven lakes on the camp site at 10:15, for Livvy and Izzy’s two hour fishing tuition we’d booked for them.

They were both super excited, and although Izzy was definitely more into it thank Livvy, who was tired from a late night prior, Graham the tutor was superb, and they both really enjoyed it.

Livvy’s patience was tested, as she had to wait for bites, Izzy on the other hand was pulling fish out like there was no tomorrow, some big bream too.

Fishing done, we headed off a couple of miles down the road to a local pub we spotted on the way in for some lunch.

We had a really nice bit of grub and headed back to the camp site, where I sloped off to find some photographic opportunities.

The river Wyre running through the site was prime candidate…. I haven’t got my carp fishing gear with me, so as much as I wanted to, I resisted the temptation of taking some shots of the carp lakes, for fear of my head exploding with envy!

Just a really nice day all round, what more could anyone ask for!

Learnings – being on a camp site, learnings today were more about hunting out a plug socket for my laptop, and a WiFi connection to get this blog post sorted.

I found a plug socket in a little TV room, all be it at £1 for 30mins, but unfortunately had forgotten my phone which I was planning to use as a hot spot.

All was not lost though, as thankfully the TV room had free WiFi, so I could get my photographs off my memory card, into light room for a super quick bit of post processing, and uploaded to my cloud drive; to finally down load onto my phone and write these words – that I am writing, right now.

Phew, time for a beer in the sun I think, have a great weekend everyone!

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