King of the Seaside – 188/365

Yep, we paid a visit to Blackpool today, on the way home from our camping trip. It was bright blue sky’s as far as the eye could see, and it made for a nice bump down back to reality after our little trip away.

The girls loved it, and I expect consumed their annual sugar intake in the few hours we were there. They ate fish and chips, candy floss, several sticks of rock, pop, candy dummies, crisps, you name it, they ate it……..

I got a load of shots of the tower today, how can you not with a camera in your hand; but I did want to get it from an unusual angle or perspective. Just to try and capture something a bit different to what everyone does – straight on from in front of it looking up.

This shot below, is “the one” I think, that best shows the tower, and it’s seagull guardian.

However, that wasn’t the shot I picked for the main one, and because I tried something new (AI Servo focusing) today’s main picture was the one I chose.

I also thought I’d put the tower out of focus, to really emphasise the seagull in flight as being the alternative “star of the show”, with the tower as its background.

If you don’t know, AI Servo focusing is basically a constant focus on something that’s moving, like a seagull in flight.

This image is pretty cool too, he looks so serious!!

Anyway, the girls really enjoyed the afternoon at the classic British seaside resorts, and it was nice to see it so busy and vibrant, still carrying that charm that only Blackpool can – it is a place like no other.

Some of the best photographs I captured today were staged, born from my imagination, like the one above of my feet in the sea; and others were totally off the cuff, like Livvy drinking her water bathed in sun light with the arcades for a back drop, and licking candy floss from her face sat on the pier, with the tower as her backdrop. It was a lovely fun way to round off a really special, family weekend.

Learnings – I started of with my camera packed away, and got it out when I saw something cool. However, I soon realised that I needed to just keep my camera out, because there was so much to see and photograph!

Also, the new focus setting I tried is really neat, and I was impressed with how I could track the seagulls in flight and keep them in sharp focus, it’s something I’ll definitely be using again.

Another thing that threw me today was the super bright light. It was a new thing to contend with, not only was the sky clear and bright blue, the sun was high and also the light was bouncing off the sea. It was probably the most challenging conditions I’ve taken photographs in, and the same is true for the post processing.

Still, it wouldn’t be a classic day out at Blackpool without glorious sunshine, and that’s what really mattered today.

5 thoughts on “King of the Seaside – 188/365

    1. Thank you my friend, I have to admit I am really pleased with it! It’s not your usual image of such an iconic location, I thought I’d make the seagull the “star” and have the tower as its background 🤗

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