Two Flowers – 189/365

The variety in nature is truly amazing, and it seems even when I don’t venture far, and photograph the flora and fauna in our garden, the things to see are almost endless.

Whilst photographing the flowers today, Livvy had an idea for me to photograph her stood pointing at the flowers.

No composition here, nothing fussy at all just a nice happy family snap and a big beaming smile, a little like the delicate flower in the photograph above.

I made my way on around the garden, to see what else I could find. I guess because the flowers all bloom at different times, it adds even more to the variety, as we go through the seasons.

Not to be out done by her sister, Izzy of course wanted her photograph taken too.

Just like the flowers, you couldn’t get two more different girls; and Izzy’s pose is just her all over!

Pyjamas, socks, school shoes, a whacky hat and a face like no other…….

She’s crazy wild and vibrant, just like some of the flowers in our garden.

I love my little flower girls, and all their different ways. Xx

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