My Dream Job – 193/365

I had a plan today, and the plan was to go up Frodsham hill and try and capture the setting sun.

All three girls were away, on a stop over at Hollys mums, so I headed off on my own about an hour before the sun was due to set, absolutely full of excitement; the sun was looking amazing!

When I arrived there was a lady of about 75 packing her car to leave, she said hello and as I walked by she asked if I was going to have a look at the view.

I wandered over to her and spotted her dog sat quietly in the boot, waiting to go home.

We chatted for quite a time, turns out she liked photography too, she has a Nikon something or other camera.

Her dog was gorgeous, a 12 yr old rescue dog called Elsie, and she had the best job in the whole world.

After being rescued from being in a basement for six months, she is now looked after by a wonderful lady, and she works as a “p.e.t.s dog”; her job? She listens to children read books to her. Her calming influence helps the children relax, which helps them with there phonics!

I think that might be my absolute dream job!

It was amazing to meet such a nice old lady, and yet again this simple little challenge is bringing me all sorts of life joys, every day.

The sunset wasn’t as dazzling as I might have hoped, but hey, meeting Elsie absolutely made my week.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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