Open Air – 194/365

A little experiment today, I’ve taken this same (ish) shot with both my phone and my camera. No prizes for guessing where I am, and as I’m doing a spot of out door living today, I haven’t got my laptop with me, so I can’t get images off my camera to upload to my blog post.

That’s no real issue, most of the photographs in this challenge are taken with my phone, well, the early ones are anyway.

So, just as a little experiment tomorrow when I can get the images off my camera, I’ll show you the difference between my phone shot and my camera shot; it will be interesting to see the differences.

To be fair, editing isn’t easy on a phone, it’s difficult to be super accurate with adjustments and stuff, and of course a phones primary function isn’t to take photographs, although these days they do a superb job.

There is something really special about sleeping out doors, and I’m looking forward to spending the night in the open air, and listening to all the wildlife around me. Already I’ve seen hundreds of geese, birds, kingfisher, swans, finches, squirrels, coots, fish, magpies, insects and so much more. The seagulls have put on a fantastic acrobatic display in the sky all afternoon, chasing anglers baits as they fire it in – some even get picked off mid air, the gulls are so acrobatic in the air.

Anyway, that’s me for the night, time for some dinner then I’ll sit back on my bed chair and just watch the world slowly fall asleep. Hopefully I’ll be woken in the night by a big carp that’s fallen for one of my “traps”, but we’ll see.

One thing is for sure, I’ll have my camera out and at the ready at first light, to hopefully capture the sunrise.

Whatever your upto, have a great Saturday night everyone!

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