Big Rocks – 201/365

Livvy had a party this afternoon, so whilst Holly took her there, I tool Izzy out for the afternoon looking for squirrels, this time in Chester’s Grosvenor Park.

It’s a wonderful park, and after we’d met some squirrels, Izzy wanted to go for a ride on the miniature railway, which was great fun.

After that, we played on the play ground for about 45 minutes, having at least two goes on everything.

After that, we had another stroll through the park and over to the river, which was buzzing with gentle paced activity.

We walked along the river, and stopped at a spot by the boats to eat a hot dog and the obligatory ice cream.

There were so many photographic opportunities it was amazing; the midday sun was powerful, which wasn’t ideal but it didn’t really matter, the fun Izzy and I were having was the most important thing today.

I took all my shots handheld today, even though I had my tripod with me; it just wasn’t that sort of a day, it was all about Izzy enjoying the trip.

It was just a magical afternoon, we both really enjoyed every second!

If you’re wondering about the title today, well it’s because even though the day was filled with incredible photograph opportunities, what really mattered was my little side kick enjoying herself, and actually one of my favourite photographs is the one below taken when we were on the miniature railway.

It’s a terrible out of focus selfie, but Izzy’s smile is what matters, it’s the big rocks in our lives we need to focus on.

In today’s main photograph, Izzy is dwarfed by the scenery, by some rocks that are physically big; but metaphorically speaking and in terms of priorities, Izzy was my big rock today, and as everyday.

Have a look at this video below, it’ll explain what I’m talking about and, I hope it helps you out if your struggling to get things done, that you really want to get done.

The happiest of days xx

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