White Lines – 200/365

Now then, this is an interesting turn of events!

Tonight it’s just me and the girls again, with Holly out on a works dinner, and at around 8pm I needed to nip to the shop for some vape liquid. We all have our vices, don’t we?

So, I barrelled the girls into the car, and we headed off on the short journey to the shop. I took my camera with me too, because I hadn’t got today’s shot yet, and the girls were excited to be going on another photo adventure, which was lovely to hear.

Not far from the shop, is a vantage point just off the dual carriageway, that looks out over the river plain and has some heavy industry along its edge, something I always find interesting.

I think the image above has a real “Starwars” feel about it!

But, that’s not what was so cool today, what was really exciting for me was the view I very nearly saw………

This one:

Now, most days as I trundle down the M56 early morning, I see a really cool composition of a church spire towering above the surrounding buildings, framed on one flank by Frodsham Hill, and on the other by Helsby Hill, behind it the gap running down the valley emphasises it’s dominance on the sky line; I really love it.

Every morning, especially if it’s one of those crisp and misty mornings, it just looks stunning.

However, I cannot get the shot because I cannot stop on the motorway; though it has crossed my mind on a few occasions!

I’ve scoured the local area for a vantage point, and have so far, failed to find one.

Well, the shot above is almost showing the same view but from further away, and, with more time on my side I am super excited to go back up one day and see if that composition I’ve been gagging to get for weeks now, might finally become a reality!

I will of course, keep you posted…….

Learnings – adventure, no matter how seemingly small and humble, can be really exciting!

Not forgetting, I got a really cool photograph I’m mega pleased with too, moody sky’s lighting up a massive power pylon. Who’d have thought it!

Oh, and I made it to 200days straight!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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