Cross Over – 208/365

With about an hour at my disposal, and the sky looking really moody, I thought I’d have a go at capturing “that church” view I’ve mentioned a couple of times before.

I drove to the spot I passed when I took the photographs for my “white lines” post, to see if it gave me the vantage point I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, it didn’t, and I could see the weather was too moody anyway to get the view from that far away.

So, I climbed back in the car and thought of a plan b……

I decided to head towards the wonderfully named “Wigg Island”, which has a nature reserve and I hoped some great views across the Mersey and of the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

It didn’t disappoint, and whilst there I got the chance to photograph the bridge from underneath, something I’ve been wanting to try for some time.

It was awe inspiring stood so close to the colossal construction, and its huge sweeping curve.

I also saw some wild birds, including a bird of prey; which unfortunately was much more aware of my presence than I was of it’s, and as soon as I realised it was there it left its perch nearby, swooped off low to the bushes and was gone.

The rain was a challenge today, and as much as I like a moody vibe it was awkward to get clean shots without rain all over the lens; which is something I’ve not had to deal with before, I’m pretty fussy about not getting my camera wet!

Still, I got a couple of shots I’m pleased with, and it’s definitely a location I’ll be going back to in the future, there is more to explore there I’m sure.

Learnings – can you have weather that’s too moody? I didn’t think so, but maybe I was wrong. It certainly throws up some new challenges to overcome, and I’m thankful of that being thrown at me today, so I could experience it and try and overcome it.

I ticked off a couple of locations today in trying to get my “church view” shot, but it’s become a bit of a personal mission within this challenge, to get that shot. I’m getting closer and closer, but I still feel pretty far off the right location.

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