Growing Pains – 207/365

What’s happening to my little girl! She was playing with mascara this morning, and wanted her photograph taking. She’s 7.

The title isn’t representative of her pains, but rather mine. It’s totally cliche, but they do grow up so very frighteningly fast!

I have to say though, she is amazingly beautiful, mascara or not.

I love her millions and millions! Xx

10 thoughts on “Growing Pains – 207/365

    1. Thank you so much, I write the same as I photograph, I just portray what I see and what I feel the most strongly ☺️

      I have always enjoyed the arts, but through photography accompanied by words, I feel I can portray my inner visions most clearly.

      I’m from the North West of England, born in North Wales and lived in and around the area all my life.

      I have a wife and two daughters, all three I love dearly.

      I studied environmental science in college and into university, and I have always had a real passion for nature, wildlife and the great outdoors.

      I’m fascinated by human nature too, our psychology and how our human values drive us, to do what we do. We are each wonderful beings, every single one of us, and so very different in every way. How is that even possible!? It’s amazing!

      Being human, is amazing!

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