Sleeping Beauty – 206/365

I don’t know why, but almost every time me and Izzy go out on a little adventure, at some point she lies down, poses and says “take a picture daddy”.

I literally have hundreds of pictures of Izzy just lying down in fields, by flowers, on rocks, on logs…… you name it she’ll lie down on it and want her picture taken!

Today we were out in the woods again, she’s been asking to go all week and yesterday I promised her I’d get home from work handy tonight and take her to the woods, and that’s what we did.

As usual she was running around all over the place, up and down the slopes and in the bushes; she fell over at least four times, but that doesn’t slow this little pocket rocket down one bit.

Sweaty and being bitten by the mosquitos in the humid woodland didn’t bother her either, she’s absolute nails this girl, I’m telling you!

We ran around all over, and Izzy has now developed quite the eye for a photograph, look at this flower she spotted with the insects buzzing all around it.

She has a genuine passion for the outdoors, and she’s been asking me for some time now to take her fishing overnight. Timing has to be right though, obviously we need the weather and a free day for both of us the day after, but I hope to take her soon. She will absolutely love it, I’m sure.

Anyway, it’s been another scorcher here, and I think it’s time to unwind a little with a cold beer and watch a bit of telly.

Learnings – I took my tripod out today and made a point of using it for some shots when it seemed right. The shot of the woods with the central tree was taken on my tripod, and I think you can see the extra clarity and detail it captures.

However, most of the shots today were not on the tripod, you have to be super quick to keep up with Izzy and take a photograph of her, she’s like a missile and a tripod would not be much use!

As I’ve learnt the last few days, that doesn’t matter, the right tools for the job are what matter, and capturing an image of Izzy isn’t about clarity, or sharpness, or detail, it is 100% about capturing her character.

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