Life Water – 209/365

It’s rained all day today, and it pretty much rained all day yesterday too. So today, I decided to try and capture that rainy day feeling, but in a positive way.

It’s been unusually hot here in the UK recently, and whilst the warm sun is nice, it’s also important that we have plenty of rain too, to bring life to the flora and fauna of the country.

Everything always looks lush when it’s rain soaked, like it’s shiny and healthy. You can almost see the plants blush and grin, thankful for the cool drink.

Izzy also took her camera out today, and she took some really nice photographs, she’s got an amazing eye even at the tender age of 3!

To combat the rain I have devised a cunning plan; I’m not sure what others do, but I have found a way to keep my camera and lens rain free – the humble umbrella!!

Hunched underneath my master plan, my camera didn’t get a drop of water on it, and crucially I was able to keep my lens drip free.

The hot weather followed by the heavy rain has also brought life to Izzy’s bean plant we planted out together last week, it’s even got some flowers coming through.

Learnings – the umbrella plan worked a treat, and I think I’ll have to stash one in with my camera kit. I used a bright pink one today, it’s Livvy’s not mine, but I think I’ll get one that’s clear so that it doesn’t block any of the light out.

It’s always the simple solutions that work out the best!

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